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Press Advertising can still be an effective method of communication with your target audience in the digital age. A press advert operates at three levels - it informs, persuades and reinforces. They can make an important contribution to your sales and marketing programs in a number of different ways.

Enables you to communicate quickly and cost-effectively with customers and prospects

Provides a cost-effective alternative to direct communication through the sales force

Enables you to reach specific sectors of your market with precise, targeted communications

Reinforces the effectiveness of other marketing activities such as retailing and personal selling

It can generate enquiries, which can be followed up by your sales staff

Staunton Rook create attractive, eye catching adverts that relate to your target audience, convey your message and create a strong call to action. Whether it is a one off advert in a local directory or a full campaign in a national magazine we are in a position to ensure that you achieve the best possible return on your investment.

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