Offline Marketing


Why wait for your potential customers to come to you – take your product direct to your target market. Face-to-Face marketing can range from a salesperson with a clipboard at the doorway of a Garden Centre to a seminar where you present to a large number of prospective clients from a podium. Costs can also vary tremendously from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Before you commit to any event it is essential to embark upon a cost benefit analysis comparing the cost per enquiry with other promotional methods. Staunton Rook can work with you to establish budgets and give you an idea of anticipated returns from a wide variety of events. We have experience of the designing delivering and managing the following both in the UK and overseas:

Breakfast seminars in a local hotel
Outdoor events such as a Garden Centre or a County Show
Mobile exhibitions using a purpose built roadshow vehicle

Before deciding whether to participate in an event, the following questions should be answered:
What are the goals and objectives?
What is the budget?
How much space is required?
Who will attend?
What support material is required?
What is the follow up procedure?
How will we generate leads?

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