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A Trade exhibition allows you to promote your product to a targeted audience of hundreds or thousands of potential clients. The trick to its success however relies on the following

Encourage them to visit your stand
Engage with them on your stand
Capture their details
Follow Up

There are thousands of visitors at the exhibition, how can you get them to visit your stand?
Location is the first consideration, within every exhibition there are hot spots where you will get a steady flow of traffic all day long and there are flat spots where fewer numbers attend, there are also spots of confusion for example where people are moving from one hall into the next and looking at signage rather than stands. The next thing to consider is Stand Design – there are many tricks we can employ to help you attract visitors, such as signage – a sign which says THE SAMPSON GROUP means nothing to anyone unless you have a huge brand such as HILTON HOTELS or MERCEDES . State what you do on your sign so that in an instant the visitor glancing left to right as he moves along the exhibition can make an instant decision as to whether he wishes to engage or not. At a Motor show TYRE REPAIR SPECIALISTS says far more than THE SAMPSON GROUP and at the Grand Design Show as sign which says BLACKS OF READING says much less than HIGH PERFORMANCE ROOF INSULATION.

Once the client arrives onto your stand ensure there is plenty to keep him interested if you are engaged with another customer. Well designed, engaging graphics on the walls (no text below knee height) and if you use a flat screen TV ensure that the content is a series of bite size elements that can be seen and understood quickly. Don’t give them the hard sell, be passionate about the Unique Selling Points of your product and rehearse your 40 second introduction meticulously, build a relationship before you try to persuade the prospect of the benefits.

Ensure you get their details either by zapping their bar code, taking a business card or filling in a form and make a note of their specific interest. After the show plan your follow up strategy and add these new prospects to your database.

We have lots of experience organizing exhibitions throughout Europe from a small 3 metre stand to a 100 metre stand. We can organise everything from stand design to build, booking hotels promoting the event to your prospective clients and managing the stand on your behalf. We can also help you with follow up mailings and press releases before and after the show.

What are the goals and objectives? 

What is the budget? 

How much space is required? 

Who will attend? 

What support material is required? 

What is the follow up procedure after the show? 

How will we generate leads?

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