Offline Marketing

Leaflets & Flyers

Leaflet design and flyer design are a cost effective way of communicating with your target audience. They are ideal for delivering useful information about products and services; they create awareness and generate interest. They can be produced at low cost, distributed via the mail, newspapers and magazines, at exhibitions and events, or from dispensers at the point of sale in retail establishments. Leaflets are portable and easily stored.

Whether it is as part of your overall marketing package or a one off leaflet design that you require creating we can help. We will work with you to ensure that the content and messages included in your leaflets are results driven and will ensure that you get the maximum return on investment.

The content of a leaflet can include:

Description of the product or service
How the product/service is used
Main benefits to the customer
Related products or services
Commercial information such as price and availability
A clear call to action
Contact details
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