The Power Of Facebook

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There is no doubt that Social Media Marketing has now become a very important tool to communicate with your target audience and aid the growth and development of your business but there is one social media giant that is arguably the most important of all – Facebook. With over a 1.7 billion monthly active users spending on an average of 20 minutes per day on the site you can see why Facebook is a powerful platform for any business. Offering fantastic opportunities to generate word of ‘mouse’, build brand awareness and proactively engage and communicate with your target audience. If you don’t currently have a business Facebook page – it’s definitely time you did! We have assisted many clients with the design and creation of their business Facebook page, follower growth and paid advertising plus we can even fully manage your activity and create a social media content plan to ensure you are regularly communicating and engaging with your followers. Recently we were tasked with the page set-up and follower growth of our new client, Camper Rent UK. In just two months we grew Facebook follower numbers from 0 to over 1,400 and achieved over 31,000 engagements via Facebook advertising and promotion. If you need any help setting up, managing or promoting your business on Facebook get in touch with a member of the team today on 01244 323250.

  • February 2017
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Making The Right Impression

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We are proud to have worked with our long-term client, Redrow in the design and creation of their “Working Wardrobe” uniform brochure. The brochure, which will be used to set the Redrow standard for all their Sales Consultants across the UK will not only showcase the new stylish and professional uniform but also reinforce Redrow’s brand values. The clean design and format is image lead and features genuine Redrow staff members modelling the various uniform options. Inspirational quotes are included throughout the brochure from Sales Consultants to Sales Directors complement the imagery and personalise the content. We couldn’t be more pleased within the final product and look forward to working with Redrow again in the near future.

  • January 2017
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