Offline Marketing

Still an essential ingredient in your marketing strategy.

In this digital age it is very easy to get totally consumed with online marketing and forget how effective offline marketing can be. In fact, more so in many cases, lets consider direct mail for instance – if we go back ten years or even five years our mailboxes each day were full of bills and direct mailshots. Today we may have the same amount of bills but far less direct mailshots.

This is particularly so in the case of our office mailbox. As a contrast consider how many junk emails that we have to look at every day as we sort through the chaff to find the wheat. A traditional mailshot I would argue will have more impact today than a email. What about the postage costs I here you say – well that is a very valid comment if you are sending out a mass mailing but if you research and target a small number of clients the costs of a small mailing are not bad at all and the percentage return very high.

Most companies will require a mix of both online and offline marketing to generate new leads and to communicate with existing clients. A steady stream of marketing activity delivered to your target audience on a regular basis is the most cost effective way to maintain ‘Top Of Mind Awareness” and grow your business.

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