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Search Engine Marketing is the work carried out both online and offline to improve the page positioning of your website when searched using organic searches. Online SEO involves working on the structure of the website to ensure that Search Engines rank it highly and give it a page position one when a number of different searches are carried out. Staunton Rook has a track record of achieving excellent results across a wide range of industries.

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising model designed to funnel traffic to your website, the amount spent is directly proportional to the number of visitors that click through to your website. The people leaving your site after glancing at the first page is measurable and is called a bounce rate, your objective is to get interested parties to click through to view other areas of your site such as product / service pages or best of all to complete an enquiry form or place an order. A badly worded PPC advert will attract many visitors who have no interest in your product, this will cost you dearly and therefore it is very important that this is managed well. A well managed PPC campaign can be a very cost effective method of generating new leads.

Your weekly stats. are impressive, you are receiving lots of visitors who spend many minutes viewing products on your site and then leave without making an enquiry or placing an order. It’s frustrating they have disappeared and may never return. We now have software available to us that allows us to track these visitors as they visit other websites and place your adverts on the pages that they are looking at in spaces that have been sold for this very purpose. They then get a second chance to click through to your site or a special offer page or maybe they just see it and do nothing this is also useful as it reinforces your brand every time they see an advert of yours. This is a cost effective way of way of keeping your brand in front of your customers eyes and encouraging them to revisit or to promote an event or special offer.

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