A combination of Online and Offline marketing tools.

Staunton Rook will work with you to create a combination of online and offline marketing tools which are unique to your business. Your specific product or service and the profile of the client you are targeting requires a bespoke marketing machine to work on your behalf to ensure that you have a constant stream of enquiries.

In the list below you will find a list of both online and offline tools that can be used to build a continuous stream of leads that you can follow up and convert into clients. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services from website design, SEO optimisation, email marketing and social media management to more traditional marketing services such as print advertising, leaflet and brochure creation, all of which are designed by our in house creative studio.

This list is by no means definitive, there are other methods you can also adopt such as telemarketing and canvassing which may also be suited to promote your product and attract leads. We have a proactive team ready and willing to start working on your behalf to design and build a program to suit your own specific needs.

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Online Marketing

A website needs to be well designed to appeal to a specific target audience, function correctly with navigation which takes the visitor from the home page to the product in 2 or 3 clicks and have the ability to attract visitors. In order to ensure that you choose the right company to design your site ensure that they offer the following key skill sets... read more

Search Engine Marketing is the work carried out both online and offline to improve the page positioning of your website when searched using organic searches. Online SEO involves working on the structure of the website to ensure that Search Engines rank it highly and give it a page position one when a number of different searches are carried out. Staunton Rook has a track record of achieving excellent results across a wide range of industries... read more

Achieving page one positions on Google is all very well but getting visitors to make contact is another thing. Statistics show that as much as 98% of visitors leave without making contact. We now have software that can track these visitors and we can tell you which company visited which pages on your site and provide you with the following visitor information... read more

Creating awareness of your product or service is an essential part of a brand building exercise and is another way to drive traffic to your website. One way we do this for our clients is to create a video which demonstrates the benefits of a product and then place this on You Tube where visitors see it and then can click through to your website. A You Tube video is often one of the first offerings found when carrying out a Google search... read more

Social Media Marketing has now become a very important tool to communicate with specific target audiences. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Linked in and many more sites can assist you in generating new business. Some sites allow you to build relationships with current and prospective customers, some are better suited to brand building and others focus on providing a more personal levels customer service... read more

E-mail marketing campaigns can be one of the most cost effective tools that you can employ. They cost very little to create / circulate and can if properly designed generate new clients for your business. One effective method of using e-mail marketing is to design a high quality HTML e-mail targeted to a specific group of clients and send out small quantities followed by a telesales campaign. The email works as an excellent ice - breaker overcoming the need to make a cold call... read more

Communicating with your shareholders and potential investors online is extremely important for plc’s. We can manage your online publications for you showing all your financial data. We also have an excellent track record of producing Annual Reports as Printed brochures and interactive pdfs of these for your online library. We can also produce XBRL versions for HMRC when required... read more

Sometimes referred to as DAM Digital Asset Management is an online organisational tool to manage and distribute digital assets to a defined number of individuals within an Intranet or password protected on the internet... read more

Offline Marketing

Press Advertising can still be an effective method of communication with your target audience in the digital age. A press advert operates at three levels - it informs, persuades and reinforces. They can make an important contribution to your sales and marketing programs in a number of different ways... read more

Leaflets and flyers are a cost effective way of communicating with your target audience. They are ideal for delivering useful information about products and services; they create awareness and generate interest. They can be produced at low cost, distributed via the mail, newspapers and magazines, at exhibitions and events, or from dispensers at the point of sale in retail establishments. Leaflets are portable and easily stored... read more

A corporate brochure should describe a company's structure and function. Designed to convince decision makers that a specific company is successful and has the skills and resources to provide a reliable service. The brochure demonstrates corporate success so that the company can be perceived as a stable long-term partner. It should also be a statement of confidence that reassures customers and prospects... read more

A successful Direct mail campaign has the advantage of being targeted, economical, effective and measurable. Staunton Rook has over 20 years experience in this field and have worked with some of the largest users of Direct Mail in the United Kingdom. We have designed and produced a number of campaigns for Financial Services, Mail Order and many other industries. We can work with you to create a well-planned and targeted direct mail campaign. From designing your mail item to cleansing (and in some cases sourcing) your database and organising the distribution, we will ensure that your campaign runs smoothly, within budget and on time... read more

Why wait for your potential customers to come to you – take your product direct to your target market. Face-to-Face marketing can range from a salesperson with a clipboard at the doorway of a Garden Centre to a seminar where you present to a large number of prospective clients from a podium. Costs can also vary tremendously from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds... read more

Thousands of potential clients walking past your stand – how do you attract there attention. A Trade exhibition allows you to promote your product to a targeted audience of hundreds or thousands of potential clients. The trick to its success however relies on the following... read more

A well-written piece of editorial can be far more effective than a press advert as the reader finds it more believable. Adverts can be easily missed in a magazine but an interesting article is more likely to be read, specifically if it is of interest to the reader. We can write interesting copy and build relationships with editors of newspapers and magazines in an attempt to encourage them to publish editorial pieces that we have created to promote your product and or business... read more

Our in-house studio facilities include video production. We have created movies in the past for training purposes, health and safety and product promotion. We have however found in recent years that there has been a greater demand for ‘How To’ videos which can be placed on your own website and You Tube... read more

Our in house studio is extremely skilled in the process of image enhancement and retouching. From a single image through to a bank of images, we can enhance your corporate photography to ensure that it showcases your company and brand to the highest quality. We can also offer image asset management to store your files and make them accessible to you through the web. read more