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Chester Zoo Marketing

Recent events have effected all businesses to different levels, some negatively, some positively and like all we have been working hard to move forwards in these unchartered times. All businesses have overheads yet some are not quite so large as one business and charity very close to our hearts. Chester Zoo is the UK’s biggest and most popular charity zoo however it is suffering critically as a result of having to be closed due to Covid19. The zoo needs to raise a whopping £1.6m each month to keep going (it costs £465,000 a month just to feed and look after all the animals). They are in need of help!

At Staunton Rook we have decided to adopt a Meerkat to help them in their fundraising efforts. It may not be much but if every business did this in it would have a big impact – check out the link below to see the different animals you could adopt. We had great fun choosing and in the end then decision was unanimous – we think a Meerkat is the perfect choice for Staunton Rook Meerkating (see what we did there 🙂). Inspired to get involved? There are lots of ways that you can help:

Join the Chester Zoo family of members

Make a donation
Adopt your favourite animal
If you can’t do the above simply help to SPREAD THE WORD by sharing our social post
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