Logo Design

Logo Design at our Chester Marketing agency is an area in which we excel and we pride ourselves on.


Logo Design

Logo Design Chester – Our logo and brand identity design is an area in which we excel and we pride ourselves on.

Logo Design at our Chester Marketing Agency is an area which we pride ourselves on. The design of a company logo is an extremely important aspect of a company’s overall marketing. It visually displays the company’s brand identity, reflects the brands personality and is a visual way of customers recognising a business.

As businesses grow and evolve, updating the company logo can easily be overlooked but corporate branding is an extremely important aspect of a company’s overall marketing. Having a suite of stationery that enhance the branding and promote a professional look and feel sets your business up for success.

If you think your company logo design is beginning to look outdated or no longer fits with your business strategy our in-house design studio can work with you to redesign a company logo that can reposition your business and offering, projecting exactly the right image to the right target audience.

Once your logo design has been created and approved the next stage is for us to show you it in a working environment – business card design and creation is an ideal way to do this.

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Business Card Design and Print

Your business card design is one of the first tangible pieces of marketing material you will hand to a prospective client. It needs to be striking, represent what you do and set you apart from the competition. It is much more than simply a device for passing your contact details. The internet is awash with companies providing fast turnaround, low cost solutions for business cards however you certainly do get what you pay for and when it comes to the finish of your business cards a little extra goes a long way. The stock you use, the print finishing, the colours, the shape and size will all reflect on you and your brand – it is so important to get it right. We can provide you with a high-quality design and arrange the print on your behalf, we can also advise on the finish that will give your cards that little bit extra. To discover more about print finishing check out our recent news story Is Your Print Packing a Punch.

Business Stationery Design

Branding and business stationery go hand in hand. Your business stationery should be clean, functional and emanate your brand. Your different stationery items should sit together as a suite yet also stand alone in their own right. The look and feel of your business stationery says a lot about your business – the quality of the paper you use, the finish of the ink, whether it is professionally printed or run off on an office inkjet that is low on cyan all builds an impression of you and your brand.

What to include in your business stationery:

Your business stationery should include your company logo design, address and contact details (telephone, website and email) as an absolute minimum. In relation to your letterhead there are also legal considerations to take into account – your registered trading address and company number should also be visible. Beyond this it is up to you, social links can be advantageous to inform people where they can follow you. Depending upon the industry in which you operate certification logos and licenses can be included to reinforce your position as a leading authority in your sector and invoke confidence. Above all your stationery should be consistent – ensure that it all follows the same theme and styling – specify your branded colours and stick to them. If you have the budget to utilise pantone colours rather than CMYK for your brand colours go for it as it will mean that you can achieve maximum consistency every time you do a print run.

To discuss your business stationery design requirements get in touch with us.

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Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are the bible to your branding. They clearly outline how your logo design and associated branding material should be used and the application of such elements in different contexts. They include specific guidance as to the typography, colours and even imagery that make up your brand and how they should be reproduced to keep your brand cohesive and consistent. Brand guidelines will be used inside your organisation to ensure consistency but they should also be distributed to any third-parties who will be responsible for representing your brand including designers, marketing companies, printers and journalists.

Brand Guideline documents can vary in size from a couple of pages all the way through to extensive documents, we find that between 12 – 20 page documents are best as they allow for detailed coverage whilst also remaining user friendly. The key is to ensure they are used so it is essential to make it clear and concise. Brand Guidelines are usually created as part of the brand creation process however this is not always the case. It is never too late to put brand guidelines in place as they will ensure consistency of brand so that your brand identity appears the same whoever applies it, this will help affirm your brand, present a professional image and build trust with those who are exposed to it. If you would like assistance in producing a set of brand guidelines for your business please contact us.

Brand Guidelines
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