Photo Retouching

Photo retouching services provided on an ad-hoc or retainer basis.


Photo Retouching

Photo retouching services provided on an ad-hoc or retainer basis.

What Photo Retouching Services We Offer

Looking for Photo Retouching Services? The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is never truer than in marketing. In this visually lead industry it’s important that the imagery that you use across your advertisingPR and editorial show off your products and services in the best possible light.

Our in-house studio is extremely skilled in the process of image enhancement and retouching. From a single image through to a bank of images, we can enhance your corporate photography to ensure that it showcases your company and brand to the highest quality.

We can also offer image asset management to store your files and make them accessible to you through the web.

Photoshop Retouching Services Before Photoshop Retouching Services After

A Live Retouching Example

We don’t just provide the usual photo retouching services in addition we can also create images utilising several different scenes. Looking for a particular look or shot for your next campaign but can’t find that perfect image? We can help – watch our retouching demonstration video opposite to see how we can turn one scene into something different.

As you will see in the sped up version of the retouch there are multiple steps involved. From removing the original lady to final colour adjustment and perfecting, each stage is completed layer by layer, with painstaking attention to detail so that the finished result looks completely natural. We have yet to meet a retouch that we cannot complete – contact us today to discuss your image retouching requirements.

Photo Retouching Services

The imagery that you use in your marketing material speaks volumes about your business. Our photo retouching department ensures that all of our clients images are the best possible quality to showcase their brand. Whether it be retouching and colour correcting or image cutouts of product shots, everything we do is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Photo Retouching

We provide photo retouching services to an extremely high standard. Our customer’s testimonials reflect our continuous achievements in maintaining exceptional standards in this area. Our retouching services include basic image adjustments including straightening, removing flickers, spots and defects all the way through to high end manipulation of commercial product shots and in some cases rebuilding total areas of imagery to create wider shots or removing items from an image such as a parked car that is not required.

Colour Correction

We have been offering this service for many years and use the latest, state of the art software to bring out the best of an organisations creative work. Our in-house studio utilises curves, levels, brightness/contrast, sharpness and saturation to find a professional colour balance that has a crisp and sharp finish. This is perfect for commercial product shots that need to be 100% persuasive when being displayed on your website or printed materials.

Model Cutouts

Want to remove an image background on a team photo? Our in-house studio can assist to ensure that your finished images are completely professional and consistent. We find that this is particularly popular for website Meet the Team photographs. Our experienced team can consistently tackle any photo editing challenge you can throw at us.

Product Cutouts

Do you need to separate objects within a photograph so that you can use them on different backgrounds? Or just change the whole background completely? We offer the best background removal service and have experience in working with all types of commercial products to give a clean and sharp touch to the finished outcome.
Image Formatting

Image Formatting

Whether your photos are digitally created or taken directly from a digital camera, we can optimise your photos for their intended use. For example, large image files that aren’t formatted properly can slow down your website dramatically, resulting in visitors leaving your site! If you are experiencing this problem with your website, we can solve this, please contact us.
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Product Mockups

When pitching a design to your intended target market it is important that you show it in its best possible light. We are highly skilled at creating product mock ups to demonstrate the end use of a product or item be it packaging or marketing literature. Speak to us today for more detail.
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Photo Retouching FAQ's

Photo retouching is a process which enhances or changes a digital image by making alterations in photo editing software such as Abode Photoshop. Retouching can range from simple requests such as: removing a blemish or whitening teeth to extensive requests which include: removing cars, houses or people from the image or inserting additional areas.

Adobe Photoshop has become the industry standard for photo retouching over the last 18 years. This is due to its versatile nature and the vast amount of things that can be accomplished in the program. As well as retouching, other uses for the software are image formatting, digital painting, product mock-ups and creating marketing collateral for advertising.

Many formats can be used, the most preferable format being Tiff or RAW, even JPGs can be used if they are high resolution/quality. The larger the file size the better, when retouching a JPG for advertising it tends to be around 8000 pixels wide by 6000 pixels high with 300 pixels per inch.

Typically, a client will already have an idea of what they would like to be enhanced or removed from an image. However, during the initial briefing with the studio, we will also make suggestions and recommendations to ensure you get the best result.

Photoshop is usually learnt alongside a degree, like Photography, Design or Art degrees such as Fine Art. These modules will grant you a good understanding of Photoshop, that will allow the user to be able to complete basic tasks, such as colour amendments and removing small details such as blemishes. However, Art degrees are more preferable for the more complex images as the qualification incorporates methods used to calculate the correct angles of missing objects. For example, when removing large objects or extending the image, this requires an understanding of 2 or 3 points perspectives.

Your image retouch will be managed by one of our Account Executives. They will liaise between you and our in-house studio, overseeing the job from start to finish.

During our initial discussion, we would hope to cover all your enhancing or removal requests. However, if after you’ve received the retouched version you wish to make further amends, this can be arranged at an additional cost.

If your image needs its orientation changing without cropping, this may be possible depending on the content of the image. This is done by extending the image via cloning or adding additional backgrounds and foregrounds.

This will depend on what the object is and where it is placed within the image. Our studio is very skilled and we will try our best to remove any unwanted objects or provide a solution if it cannot be done.

At Staunton Rook, we work on an hourly rate of £90. Once we have seen your image for retouching we will put together a quotation for your approval.

To ensure your image is received correctly, we would recommend attaching it to a cloud-based file transfer service such as WeTransfer, Hightail or Dropbox.

For more information, please contact our team today to discuss your photo retouching requirements.

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