Annual Report Design

Annual Report design, typesetting, project management, print and production.


Annual Report Design

Annual Report design, typesetting, project management, print and production.

Annual Report Design plus the full production and print management! Are you looking for an agency that will work as a fluid extension of your team to design, typeset, print manage and deliver your annual report? 

Communicating with your stakeholders, from your shareholders to potential investors, is extremely important throughout the year however your annual report offers the perfect opportunity to illustrate where the stakeholder value lies and demonstrate accountability. We have an excellent track record of producing Annual Reports as printed brochures, interactive pdfs and fully responsive websites. We can also produce Company House compatible and XBRL versions for HMRC when required.

Staunton Rook have been producing Annual Report & Accounts for clients for over 20 years, during which time we have carefully honed our quality control systems to ensure that each stage of amendments are actioned accurately to our exacting standards. We understand that when it comes to annual reports adjustments can be extensive and required in quick succession, it is crucial for changes to be turned around rapidly. We typically return each proofing stage within 4 – 6 hours of receipt.

We create the design, that goes without saying, but when it comes to annual reports the design is just the beginning. The real challenge begins once the design has been created – creation, setting, proofing and production are the areas where the pressure can increase and with deadlines that are set in stone it is important to have a partner on your side that will drive things forward and truly deliver. 

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We have been producing Annual Report & Accounts design for clients for over 20 years during which time we have set up a quality control system to ensure that each stage of amendments are proofread twice to ensure that all changes are made accurately. We understand that these changes need to be turned around rapidly, we typically return each stage within 4 hours of receipt.

Print Finishes

Communicating with your shareholders and potential investors online is extremely important for plc’s. We can manage your online publications for you showing all your financial data. We also have an excellent track record of producing Annual Reports as Printed brochures and interactive pdfs of these for your online library. We can create company house compatible and XBRL versions for HMRC when required.

Engaging Design

Whilst an annual report is by its nature a legally required reporting document that doesn’t mean that it needs to be text heavy and unengaging. We strive to make the design and styling of the annual reports we produce attractive, digestible and interesting to the relevant stakeholders. 

Infographics, pull-outs and attractive imagery form the cornerstones to achieving an annual report that provides a balance between complying with the required reporting standards yet also acting as an effective marketing tool and showcasing a company in its best light. 

annual report print finishes
annual report design

Annual Report Design Process

Creating an engaging and informative annual report is a crucial task for any organisation, and our marketing agency excels in this domain. Our Annual Report Design Process begins with a thorough understanding of your company’s achievements, goals, and brand identity. We believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with your team to ensure that every aspect of the report reflects your company’s values and message. Our design team, adept in the latest design trends, crafts visually stunning layouts that not only captivate but also effectively communicate your annual highlights. 

We pay meticulous attention to data visualisation, ensuring that complex information is presented in an easily digestible format. From compelling narratives to striking graphics, our process is meticulously planned and executed to produce a report that not only informs but also impresses your stakeholders. With our expertise, your annual report will not just be a summary of the year gone by, but a powerful tool to engage with your audience and shape your future.

Annual Report Research


Thorough research is undertaken to understand your company, stakeholders and messages, this is essential in order to deliver a report that clearly communicates your content. 

Annual Report Concepts

Initial Concepts

Our in-house studio has the expertise and creativity to produce design concepts that are on brand and represent your company. Upon approval of concepts the full project delivery will commence.

Annual Report production


Managed from start to finish by a dedicated account manager who will ensure tight deadlines are adhered to, a clear flow of communication and co-operation between us and your internal team, with service and accuracy always at the forefront.

Annual Report Proofreading

Proof Reading

Our stringent proofreading expertise and attention to detail is crucial in any project we deliver yet even more so in an annual report. Stringent proofing stages and full proofreads are built into all schedules to ensure our exacting standards are fulfilled.

Annual Report Printing


We can manage the full printing and fulfilment process giving you peace of mind that the project will be completed and delivered in line with your statutory mailing date. Full on press print management is available to ensure quality of delivery in the print finish as well as the content.

Annual Report Delivery


We partner with reliable mailing houses to ensure that upon completion of your report it is mailed to your shareholders within the time frame required, we can also work with you to provide Notice of Meetings and other accompanying shareholder communications should you require. 

We have worked with Staunton Rook for many years and I am always encouraged by the passion and attitude they demonstrate.We continue to work with them because of their excellent track record – they always deliver on time and to an extremely high standard.

John Constantin – Company Secretary

GBG Group

Marketing Rook

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