Email Marketing

Email campaign management that gets results, ensuring your communications are always on point.


Email Marketing

Email campaign management that gets results, ensuring your communications are always on point.

We produce email marketing campaigns from our offices in Chester. E-mail marketing campaigns can be one of the most cost effective tools that you can employ. They cost very little to create / circulate and can if properly designed generate new clients for your business. Furthermore if a customer has provided you with their email addresses it provides a platform for you to be able to communicate as they could actively want to hear from you and can be massively underused.

Our in house studio can design and build high quality HTML e-mail campaigns that we can target to a specific group of clients and send out in small quantities to set segments of your database as well as mass market email campaigns.

We are experienced in email campaign management and constantly strive to improve open rate and click through of client campaigns. From newsletters, sales and promotions to abandoned basket emails Staunton Rook are able to help.

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Email Marketing FAQ's

Email marketing is a method of direct marketing that occurs when a commercial message is used to communicate with a group of people via electronic mail. Its purpose is to improve customer loyalty and enrich the relationship between the customer and company or brand. Email marketing is not only cost-effective but also a valuable way to stay connected with your customers.

There are numerous types of email marketing. For example, when you sign up to obtain a newsletter from your favourite website, you will usually receive a welcome email that confirms your subscription – this is a form of email marketing. Informative email campaigns which include hints and tips, news and/or offers are another way to help keep your subscribers engaged with your products and services. Brand stories, customer stories, promotional offer emails and review requests are just some of the many available email marketing campaigns out there.


Email marketing is extremely inexpensive because you are contacting customers via email compared to other costly avenues such as telecommunication or postal. Emails can reach specific target markets so simply and rapidly, that it is believed email marketing’s ROI is higher than any other marketing strategy. It is very popular due to the fact it is highly trackable and you can be extremely reactive when it comes to it – unlike printed material which is set in stone once you commit to the print, you can change the messages and content of your email campaigns right up to the point of send.

The new European regulation applies to both B2B and B2C methods. As an email marketer you must now adopt a range of new practices to achieve compliance. A classic example of one is an opt-in permission rule for new consumers. If these requirements are not met you are at risk of a fine.

You can run in-depth reports using a range of analytic software to measure the success of email marketing. It’s easy and straight forward to track email responses which will allow you to understand the parts of your campaign that are effective and the parts that need modifying. The tracking software available is transparent enough to show you who opened your email and how many times as well as who visited your website as a result of receiving it!


Your dedicated Account Executive will produce and manage your email campaign from the beginning to the very end, which includes monitoring and reporting on your campaign throughout the process. We will provide several proofing stages of your email campaign before it is scheduled to be sent to your targeted audience, allowing you to make any necessary and important changes.

As your email campaign is bespoke to your needs, this would be discussed in the initial meeting before we would create a quotation for your approval. However, we do work on an hourly rate of £90.

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