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5 online tools we love ♥️

Marketing Apps we love

The internet is full of useful little tools and apps that help us with our day-to-day tasks, but knowing which ones are worth the investment isn’t always straightforward. If you’re anything like us, you love to automate processes (after all, we’re a busy marketing agency) so we have taken the liberty of sharing out top 5 favorites – why not try them out for yourself?

STREAMTIME – ideal for tracking client projects, retainer activity, scheduling workload for teams, plus creating quotes and reports, it even syncs withour accounting system – you name it, Streamtime has it. We find the ‘to do’ tab particularly handy for scheduling team tasks and ensuring everyone knows what their workload looks like at a glance.


LEADFEEDER – this clever #b2b website tracking software shows us who has been visiting our website, which pages they navigated to, how they found us and what marketing services they’re interested in, meaning we can then approach them directly with a personalised introduction.


ZOHO SOCIAL – CRM and social media integration, analytics and automated publishing all in one platform – the social side is great for saving time manually posting to multiple platforms and tracking your presence on social media. If you’re still relying on manually posting, we recommend checking Zoho Social out!


SHAREPOINT – this smart web-based collaborative platform integrates with Microsoft Office andis invaluable for ensure streamlined team collaboration whether in the office or working remotely. You can share, manage content, use applications and collab with colleagues all in one place.


PEOPLE HR – this handy little app was introduced to us by our HR partner, 1850. It streamlines our daily tap-in and tap-out, holiday requests and personal documents. It allows the whole team to see everyone’s availability and can be used on your computer or phone whilst you’re on the go!


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