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🦆 How Creative Are You? 🐇

Creative Design blog post

Consult this 100 year old optical illusion to find out (we love a bit of fun so bear with us)…

Take a look at the image above – what do you see? A bunny or a duck? Or perhaps you can see both depending upon how you focus? It’s all in your perception. The more quickly you see either animal, the speed with which you can identify the second and then flip between the two could indicate how creative you are research has indicated. The faster you see it the more open your brain is to creative possibilities.

TIP: Struggling to see both? If you see a rabbit 🐇 – switch your perception to view the ears of the rabbit as the bill of a duck 🦆 and vice versa!

Once you can see both you experience what is known as a “Gestalt Switch” as you switch between the view – making a conscious decision to choose what you see.

A bit of background

The sketch dates back to 1899 when an American based psychologist named Joseph Jastrow used the drawing to help demonstrate how a change in perception can change what you see. It however became famous when adopted by Ludwig Wittgenstein. Subsequent tests over the years discovered that the environment around you can also affect what you see – for example at the moment during the Easter period you are more likely to see the bunny! If you wish to read more about the psychology behind the image and see some alternatives you can do so here we particularly like this one

How Creative Are You

Perception and Creativity

When it comes to creative design, perception can play a huge part. Some of the most creatively designed logos in the world look simple at face value however if you look a little further the graphic designers behind the brands had a little fun relying on perception – they contain elements that once discovered you can’t unsee.

Logo Design Agency

FedEx – Do you see the hidden arrow nestled between the E and X?

Le Tour De France – Just some arty text or do you spot the cyclist?

A little closer to home we also enjoy playing on people powers of perception – when it comes to logo design it’s great to be rewarded when you dig a little deeper 🙂

Logo Design Agency

LB Fitness – Simply initials or do you see the heart made up of the L and the B first?

Minera – Just 3 diagonal lines or taken with the A can you see the full roof truss structure?

To see more of our logo designs or to discuss developing your brand have a chat with us.

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