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Redrow’s ‘Reduce the Rubble’ Initiative

Spanning over the last two decades, Redrow, one of the UK’s leading housebuilders, has been a long-standing and valued client of Staunton Rook, utilising a wide range of our marketing services. During this time, we have supported Redrow with an extensive range of unique marketing collateral for both online and offline services. The company recently approached us to design and produce a collection of marketing collateral for a new waste initiative – a first of its kind for the housebuilding industry and we couldn’t wait to get involved!

Signage Design Chester

The ongoing effects of climate change and global warming are something we’re sadly all too well aware of. However, Redrow devised a waste strategy plan that would help them to identify and assess all waste materials produced from the build of a typical, family-sized Redrow house. Over the course of the next six months, several active Redrow sites will participate in Redrow’s ‘Reduce the Rubble’ initiative with the objective of recording and analysing the building waste produced during the construction stage, which will then allow Redrow to create an action plan on how this waste can be eliminated, reduced or reused on future developments.

After a constructive concept meeting, we suggested several print-based collateral items that combined together would guarantee to spread awareness to the public of the initiative, but mainly inform the on-site construction and building teams who were our primary target audience.

These items included a creative logo specifically for the ‘Reduce the Rubble’ initiative that can then be used on all future collateral, eye-catching bespoke hoardings that would span the parameter of the allocated plot. We also designed a variety of informative posters for contractors and employees, designated skip signage to clearly reinforce where the different types of waste should be deposited, and lastly, a 4-page roll-fold leaflet explaining in detail the objective of the project and why implementing a waste management strategy and reducing their carbon footprint is of importance to Redrow.

Signage Design Chester
Signage Design Chester
Signage Design Chester

Over the next few weeks, the participating sites will complete the installation of the hoardings on their selected plots and we can’t wait to see the end result. We greatly enjoy working with Redrow on all areas of their marketing, but this project particularly stands out as it represents an iconic step for the housebuilding industry towards helping to reduce waste and improving sustainability.

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