Brochure design agency based in Chester. A corporate brochure design should describe a company's structure and function. Designed to convince decision makers that a specific company is successful and has the skills and resources to provide a reliable service. The brochure demonstrates corporate success so that the company can be perceived as a stable long-term partner. It should also be a statement of confidence that reassures customers and prospects.

As a brochure design agency we can create a corporate brochure design that will generate a powerful impression of your company to the reader. We carefully consider every element, the format, the design, the colours, the use of images and words to ensure that your corporate brochure design speaks volumes about the quality and ability of your company to fulfil its service offering.

A corporate brochure design could include the following information:

  • Product and services
  • The company's location, resources and activities
  • Technical and research capability
  • Manufacturing resources
  • Success in handling complex projects
  • Financial performance
  • Management skills

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Six Steps To A Beautiful Brochure Design

We have formulated our six step process when creating high quality brochure designs for our clients below.

If you think working a new brochure is something your company could benefit from and would like to arrange a meeting to discuss it further...

Leaflet & Brochure Design Formats

Double Sided Leaflets A4/A5

Double Sided Leaflets A4/A5

Cost effective, combined with a hard-hitting brochure design for ultimate impact.

4 Page Single Fold Leaflet

4 Page Single Fold Leaflet

Perfect to give a reader a strong initial insight into your business.

6 Page Roll Fold Lealfet

6 Page Roll Fold Lealfet

Ideal if you want the leaflet to open to reveal a full page spread.

8 Page Accordion Fold Leaflet

8 Page Accordion Fold Leaflet

Maximum copy yet still handy size when folded.

6 Page 'Z' Fold Leaflet

6 Page 'Z' Fold Lealfet

Like a roll fold only each leaf is folded in an opposite direction to create a Z effect.

Gatefold Leaflet

Gatefold Leaflet

Folded to create two “doors” that open to reveal the interior of the leaflet.

Closed Gatefold Leaflet

Closed Gatefold Leaflet

A larger version of the original gatefold incorporating additional leaves.

Quarter Fold Leaflet

Quarter Fold Leaflet

Ideal if you want a leaflet that folds out to reveal a full poster or map.

Folder with Inserts

Folder with Inserts

An excellent alternative to a corporate brochure design.

Maltese Cross Brochure Design

Maltese Cross Brochure

Stand out with style and sophistication, card inserts provide further scope.

Square Brochure Design

Square Brochure

A little bit different and a perfect size for corporate brochure design with a twist.

A4 Landscape Brochure

A4 Landscape Brochure

A traditional format for a brochure - let the design and finish set you apart.

For further details on the production of your leaflet or corporate brochure design simply contact us we will be happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation.

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Content Creation & Quality Control

Aswell as creating you a beautiful brochure design, we can assist with the following:
Making sure your brochure design project runs smoothly and you get great results!
Copywriting Chester


We are skilled at creating high quality copy that will communicate your products and services and resonate with your target market.

Proof Reading chester

Proof Reading

Our keen eye for detail and stringent quality control procedures ensure all content is of the highest accuracy.

Print Management Chester

Print Management

With a wealth of experience in print we manage all jobs throughout the printing process to ensure a fantastic finish.

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