We write press releases from our offices here in Chester City Centre. A well-written press release can be far more effective than a press advert as the reader finds it more believable. Adverts can be easily missed in a magazine but an interesting article is more likely to be read, specifically if it is of interest to the reader. We can write interesting copy and build relationships with editors of newspapers and magazines in an attempt to encourage them to publish editorial pieces that we have created to promote your product and or business. We circulate the Press Release, which consists of high quality photographs and text to a number of suitable publications, and encourage them to use it.

An alternative to a press release is Advertorial where you buy a page or a double page spread and make it look like an independently written editorial piece but it is actually paid for advertising space. This generally attracts more readers but is more expensive as you will be paying the full advertising rate.

Once you have created a press release it is an easy job to convert it for use in other media for instance as a blog, or a news article on your website, it may be something that can be converted into a Case Study or an article for an upcoming newsletter. Press releases traditionally were sent to magazines but these days can be distributed to a wide range of online publications. The added advantage of this is that by adding a website link to the text you are adding the bonus of back links to your website which helps your SEO tremendously.

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