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We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new e-commerce website for LB Online Fitness. We were approached by Laura & Leonie of Building Beautiful Bodies for assistance with their marketing activity and it was quickly established that before we could concentrate on raising awareness and driving traffic to their website we needed to ensure that the brand and website would resonate with their target market. Therefore it was proposed and agreed that we would carry out a rebrand and the creation of a new website before moving onto phase 2 of the marketing activity.

Over the course of several weeks completed a fill rebrand and created an Ecommerce website that was fully integrated with their Online Fitness app. The site allows prospects to sign up for membership of their online training program in addition to purchasing recipe books and guideline manuals for self improvement. This project came at a time when lockdown as a result of Ovid-19 had just been implemented so with the team working from home we had some creative challenges to overcome. The creative design process is always a very fluid process with lots of input and backwards and forwards to produce creatives that we feel accurately represent the customer and will appeal to the target market. We usually like to all get round our meeting table and thrash out designs and it is very much a process however we had to move this online. We found Microsoft Teams to be invaluable for this and by utilising screen sharing we soon got into the swing of a new way of working. The same was applicable for the web build itself, our studio manager and web programmer spent hours on video calls tweaking and adjusting to ensure that the finished website matched the flat creative designs that we produced early on for the vision of the website.

The finished result is a high impact, fully functional and sleek website which easily conveys their service and product offering and completely represents the LB Online Fitness ethos and everything that Laura & Leonie stand for.

We are excited to move on to the next stage of their marketing activity with them.

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