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Redrow celebrate their 100,000th home

Event Marketing for Redrow

Our long-standing client Redrow Homes have been working relentlessly over the past several weeks in preparation for their 100,000th completion at Regents Grange, Chester.

On the 18th October 2018, Steve Morgan, Redrow’s Founder and Chairman handed over the 100,000th home to be completed since Redrow was established in 1974 to first time buyers, Tom and Claire Culshaw. With such a landmark celebration, Redrow drafted in Staunton Rook as an extension of their own marketing team for support with the event and we couldn’t be happier to help.

As the event symbolised the great success Redrow has achieved over the past 44 years, historical photographs and memorabilia imagery were carefully selected and uploaded to Redrow’s image and film database that Staunton Rook monitor, maintain and manage. As these historic images were essential, time, effort and precision were taken to ensure all images were catalogued correctly and placed within the appropriate categories.

In addition, Staunton Rook created a curved pop-up banner that would sit within the marquee area to display the fantastic historic imagery for all to see, alongside individual photographs that would sit loosely on the table nearby. On the day of the event, prior to the guests and media arriving, we were onsite to set up the pop-up banner and ensure its placement was accurate.

We’re pleased to relay that the event was a great success and want to thank Redrow for allowing Staunton Rook the opportunity to participate in such an exciting and memorable event. Well done on your 100,000th home Redrow, here is to a future 100,000 more!

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