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Time For A Spring Clean Of Your Website?

Website SEO Audit

Is your website not performing but you are unsure why? Or perhaps you would like to ensure it is meeting all the requirements of the latest technological advancements. Whatever your motivation, a website audit is a great place to start! An audit is an in-depth analysis of your entire website’s performance. Just like you would spring clean your home, why not spring clean your website! At Staunton Rook, we’re offering a fantastic FREE, NO OBLIGATION, website audit this spring! Curious? Well, read on…

It is important to ensure your website undertakes a comprehensive website audit on an annual basis. Search engines have now included a large number of additional factors to compute your website’s ranking position. These new factors influencing the future of web design include:

  •  Voice search
  •  GDPR
  •  Mobile-first indexing

Staunton Rook are able to compile a full website audit that will include a helpful, invaluable web report that an automated generator just cannot do. Contact us to book your audit. Available from 19/03/18 to 31/05/18.

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