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When a Plus becomes a Minus

Google Plus Social Media

This week it was announced that Google will be shutting down its Google+ platform in the upcoming months. Some analysts within the industry were unsurprised and stated that closure of the failing platform had been on the cards for a while whilst others viewed it as a crushing blow.

Google launched the platform back in 2011, its answer to rival Facebook, however despite pouring huge resources into it and forcing people to use it as a way to sign into other services such as YouTube, it didn’t take off in the way that had been hoped and user uptake was low. Google soon changed tact and it began its demise. The final nail in the coffin came with the discovery (and subsequent non-disclosure) of a security breach in March which left private profile data of up to 500,000 users vulnerable and as a result Google took the decision to announce the decommission of Google+ as with 90% of users sessions lasting less than 5 seconds it deemed the platform not worth the work required to secure and maintain the platform.

What does this mean for you? Anyone relying purely on Google+ will need to look to alternative platforms in the future such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn depending upon suitability, nature of use and preference. We will be monitoring the shutdown and advising clients to remove the Google+ social icon from their marketing communications, demonstrating they are aware of developments and negating the possibility of dead links on their websites in the future. If you need assistance with your social media marketingwebsite or any other digital or offline marketing, please contact us.

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