Sometimes referred to as DAM Digital Asset Management is an online organisational tool to manage and distribute digital assets to a defined number of individuals within an Intranet or password protected on the internet.

We started our first Image Asset Management system in 1998, this was before the digital camera was available and photography was supplied as transparencies and colour prints. These were scanned on a drum scanner, originally to film and then as time progressed was created as a digital file.

We have over the years continually updated this system as improvements in technology have allowed us to produce better quality products in a much faster time. Back in the early 1990’s retouching of images was a photographic process involving the use of a paintbrush and scalpel – hours and sometimes days were spent carefully removing, repairing or making colour adjustments to an image. Today we have cameras that produce a high quality digital image and our colour retouching skills have progressed from film to computer using Adobe Photoshop. We now have one database with over 25,000 images on it and others which contain a gamut of digital files such as videos, PowerPoint presentations, photography, exhibition graphics, logos, and press ready artwork of all of this clients printed material.

The advantages of storing info in a system like this is threefold, the first is to keep it safe and well organised, the second is to make it available to a worldwide audience and the third is to ensure that the latest version is the only one available so that employees are not using out of date material. Downloads are rapid as the server is located at the end of a 100mg fibre optic pipe with 24/7 maintenance.

Image Asset Management

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Image Database FAQs

Every database is unique and bespoke to the client’s needs, so once we have discussed your functionality requirements, we will create a quotation that will outline in detail the cost of the production and management timescale.

Many formats can be used, the most preferable formats being JPG and EPS files. However, we can create a customised image or video importer that can upload any format you desire.

As large file sizes are preferred when uploading to a database, we would recommend that you send them via a cloud-based file transfer service such as WeTransfer, Hightail or Dropbox.

Your image or video database will be managed by our in-house studio and account management team. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Executive that you can contact via phone or email to discuss any issues or questions you might have. If you wish you can take control of the file uploads once the database is created. We are flexible in providing you with a solution that is bespoke to your needs.

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