Social Media Marketing has now become a very important tool to communicate with specific target audiences. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and many more sites can assist you in generating new business. Some sites allow you to build relationships with current and prospective customers, some are better suited to brand building and others focus on providing a more intimate level of customer service.

LinkedIn is one of the most versatile social media sites for B2B marketing, when used in conjunction with our lead tracking software it enables you to locate and research your target clients before you make an approach, understanding their background and focus makes it much easier to engage. It is also useful to promote your own product / service or event through special interest groups.

Your choice of social media site should depend upon the audience that you are targeting. For example if you are holding an event to launch a new range of jeans to 16 – 35 year olds you may put together a board of images on Pinterest and then promote this through Facebook and Twitter.

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