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A marketing case study showcasing what is included in our Outsourced Marketing Department Package.

In our partnership with Minera Roof Trusses, we orchestrated a transformative marketing programme that redefined their industry standing. Facing the challenge of a crowded and competitive marketplace, Minera Roof Trusses sought our expertise to break through the noise and establish themselves as the go-to choice for roofing solutions.

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The Process

Minera Roof Trusses, a well-established player in the construction industry, faced a formidable challenge. While they boasted exceptional products and services, they struggled to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Their brand recognition was outdated and limited, and they needed to break through the noise to connect with both residential and commercial clients. Minera Roof Trusses approached Staunton Rook Marketing Services with the mission to revamp their marketing strategy and gain the market visibility they deserved.

We designed a comprehensive strategy to rejuvenate Minera Roof Trusses’ market presence. The solution began with a deep dive into understanding Minera’s unique strengths and values and the motivations of their very different target market groups. We crafted a brand refresh, aligning their messaging with their commitment to quality and innovation.

Our digital marketing team then went to work. We devised a targeted online marketing campaign that included a new website, SEO optimisation, social media engagement, and paid advertising. By identifying and targeting the right demographics, we strategically reached potential customers and showcased Minera’s value propositions.

To augment our efforts, we generated compelling content, including informative blog posts and video demonstrations, to position Minera as industry experts.

In addition we complemented this with a range of carefully curated offline marketing campaigns and supporting marketing material to ensure that the Minera Brand was present and consistent across all channels both digitally and offline.

Minera Roof Trusses witnessed a significant upsurge in inquiries and conversions, with an impressive boost in sales figures and online web engagement. The brand’s social media channels became vibrant hubs of engagement, drawing in an enthusiastic audience and generating invaluable word-of-mouth referrals.

Within a matter of months, Minera Roof Trusses had successfully rebranded and repositioned themselves as a prominent choice in the roofing truss market. Their newfound visibility not only drove more business but also garnered them industry recognition, reinforcing their reputation as an industry leader.

The Minera Roof Trusses case study is a testament to the power of strategic marketing. we partnered with Minera to help breathe new life into their brand, revamp their digital presence, and achieve remarkable results. Through our collaborative efforts, Minera Roof Trusses not only gained the market share they aspired to but also secured their position as a top choice in their industry. This case study underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering transformative marketing solutions and driving our clients to new heights of success.

Staunton Rook quickly integrated themselves within our business so they felt like an extension of the team rather than an outsourced resource. We are extremely impressed with the levels of creativity, communication, service and professionalism that they delivered.

Marc Jones – Finance Director

Minera Roof Trusses

Marketing Rook

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