Are you currently looking to outsource your marketing? Your business has grown to the point where you are considering employing a marketing manager and perhaps a marketing assistant to help with the present workload and also to develop and implement new initiatives that will grow your business.

The first option is to hire your own people - a total package for a manager and an assistant could cost anywhere from £40,000 to £70,000. They should certainly ease the present workload but will then explain that you then need to spend a further sum of money (from £50,000 p.a. upwards) with a company like ourselves to implement these new initiatives.

The alternative option which is the one we are offering is to pay Staunton Rook a fixed fee every month for these services and have a full marketing department and studio at your fingertips ready to carry out exactly the same work at a fraction of the cost.

We are able to do this because we can offer large discounts in exchange for a commitment to an on going contract. The added benefit is that the longer we work with you the more we understand your product offering and the needs of your target audience, this therefore results in more effective promotions.

We are successfully running programs like this for companies with turnovers from £1 million to £650 million per annum.

If this marketing package is of interest please consider a free consultation with one of our marketing consultants who will establish the most cost effective method to promote your business. If you then decide to move forward you will have a full marketing department at your disposal consisting of a marketing consultant, account manager, graphic designer, web developer, SEO specialist and a photographer.

From Just £1,995 Per Month

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Outsourced Marketing Department Chester

Outsourced Marketing Department

Our outsourced marketing department package is ideal for business who need full marketing support. Below is an example of a recent client project who took advantage this package.

Take a look at our case study that examines how our client have taken advantage of our Outsourced Marketing Department Package and how it has helped their business prosper and grow

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