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We were approached by an existing client, Compton Tankers, who were setting up a new business. We had previously worked with them to implement a full marketing strategy for their tanker rental business, including a complete branding exercise, producing a new logo design, website, stationery, leaflets, exhibition material and HTML email campaigns. As a result, they were confident in our capabilities and so asked if we could assist with the set up and marketing of their new motorhome rental business, Camper Rent UK. They acknowledged that there were already larger competitors in the industry but were determined to establish themselves as direct competitors to them.

After discussing the client’s objectives and gaining a full understanding of their new business venture, we suggested that they should take advantage of our Business Growth Package to provide them with the marketing tools they required for the rapid growth desired. They needed a marketing strategy that would position them as a prime provider in the motorhome market whilst establishing them as serious competitors against the market leaders. To do this we put in place a 12-month marketing plan that would combine online and offline marketing tools to meet the agreed business objectives.

The first course of action was to develop the company logo and brand identity, creating an important foundation from which to communicate effectively with the target market. With a strong logo in place, we then set to work on the creation of the website. When building a website there are four main contributing factors to be aware of; the design, the content, the technical build and search engine optimisation (SEO). As Camper Rent UK required an e-commerce website we ensured we allowed for the parameters required by such a website from the initial planning and design stages. Once the site plan for the website was agreed we commenced with design of the home page, following consultation with the client at each stage the design of the website was soon agreed and build commenced, utilising excellent programming to ensure a fully functional e-commerce website. We also created a company introduction video that was incorporated into the site to help to give confidence to customers about the brand whilst also informing them of the product offering. Once a website is launched, it is very unlikely to appear on the first page of Google with a generic search term without careful consideration being given to optimising the websites visibility. Therefore, we carried out initial research to ensure that the content included in the website was of the highest quality so that it would engage potential customers whilst being positively responded to by Google.

Alongside a website, Camper Rent UK required a platform to raise awareness of their brand. Social media provided the perfect solution. We set up a Facebook page, created and scheduled posts and implemented a series of paid adverts to raise awareness and gather a community of Facebook followers. We also created a Facebook competition whereby entrants were required to ‘Like’ the Camper Rent UK Facebook page, ‘Share’ the competition post and enter on the website, to win a week’s motorhome hire.

Alongside building organic brand awareness through the website and social media, we also decided to utilise advertising in order to help gain that extra reach. We opted to advertise on Google’s online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, as we had identified that the majority of Camper Rent UK’s target market were online customers. PPC is an ideal way to reach potential customers that are entering related search terms into Google and can be particularly useful when establishing a new website and also for companies that are operating in highly competitive industries. A remarketing campaign was also embarked upon specifically targeting users that had already been on the Camper Rent UK website and encouraging them to return and book.

By combining many SEO techniques, with a fully functional e-commerce website, Camper Rent UK had over 300 searches a month within the first 3 months and were on page 1 for 3 search terms, then after 6 months it had risen to 1500 hits a month for 25 search terms. This was done with SEO tools and techniques such as engaging content with keywords, quality backlinks such as directory listings and optimised meta information. The website remains at the top of the first page for many popular search terms, even beating their long-standing competitor. One page that did see significant improvement is the ‘About Us’ page as we incorporated keyword rich content embedded in relevant, engaging content. Furthermore, by using forms of paid advertising and a Facebook competition, this helped raise brand awareness whilst the website was maturing.

The Business Growth Package Staunton Rook created for Camper Rent UK consisted of a logo design, stationery design, marketing literature creation, web design, basic SEO, social media setup and management and directory listings. Once the 12-month marketing plan had been implemented we then put together recommendations suggesting how Camper Rent can continue to see their company grow and move forwards from a marketing and business growth perspective. Camper Rent UK are now a very popular motorhome rentals company, receiving bookings internationally and we are extremely proud to have assisted them with their journey so far.

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This online marketing package has been designed for businesses that are purely focused on creating or developing their current and ongoing online presence.

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A complete marketing package consisting of a highly experienced full marketing department including design studio at your fingertips outsourced to minimise costs.

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