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Creative Trends 2020/21

Creative Trends for 2021

This week Shutterstock unveiled its predictions for the design trends we will see emerging during 2021. Textures, backgrounds and illustrations will be playing a key role according to the data they have collected from the millions of searches that take place through their platform each day. Fluidity, tie die and portraits with an emphasis on authenticity and real-life imagery have been prevalent.

Unsurprisingly a new search term has emerged “mind and body”, reflecting the increased awareness people have of the importance of self-care in the light of the pandemic environment in which we operate. Searches for the phrase “Space HRDI” have increased by 92% reflecting a raise in interest in exploring beyond our horizons and perhaps linked to the enhanced coverage from the Mars landing. We are particularly enthusiastic to embrace all that 2021 brings in terms of pushing the boundaries with design and get creative for our clients. 

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