Responsive Logo Design

Is it time for a logo reboot?

Whether we are talking about a small company or a big corporation, the brand and the corporate identity are two of the most important things to consider, they are the first point of reference for any potential customers. The modern logo has to work harder than ever before, they have to resize to fit a variety a screen sizes, older logos won’t have been designed with responsive websites in mind and are likely to suffer. Mobile devices can range from a medium sized display like an ipad, a smaller display like a mobile phone, down to a smartwatch. Is your logo compatible with all these devices?

Responsive Logo Design

Businesses with longevity need to revisit their logo every so often to refresh their look to keep up-to-date with changing styles and technology. Here at Staunton Rook we felt it was time to re-look at our corporate identity. We knew as part of this we wanted a ‘responsive’ logo. A logo that would adapt to all sizes and shapes of print and web. To do this it was apparent that we needed an ‘icon’ to sit with our logo so that if we had to ditch the words ‘Staunton Rook’ due to size limitations it would still hold as our ‘brand’ and retain our core identity.

Responsive Logo Design

As Studio Manager I took the lead on this project and encouraged the team to approach it the same way as we would a client project, although it was a little more difficult to get outside of the business and look back in! The greatest logos in my mind are the simplest, they are more timeless and memorable, after realising that the core of our clients are ones which we have enjoyed ongoing relationships with for many years the concept of a ‘linking’ device seemed appropriate so we set about drawing up a few concepts, during this process I saw an opportunity to use the 2 ‘O’s of Rook to facilitate this.

The key to a good brand reboot is creating a new logo that your existing customers will still recognise as you but will catch the eye of any potential customers. As this was a brand refresh and not a full overhaul we were happy to stay with our current corporate colours, but felt we needed to freshen up the font to fit with a more digital setting and to modernise the feel of the corporate identity. With svg files now becoming the file format of choice for vector work on the web, designers have more confidence in using lighter font weights in logos as they appear sharper on screen.

If you feel the your company would benefit from a logo re-boot, get in touch on 01244 323250 or message us here and we would be glad to get involved!

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