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Redrow Annual Report

Report and Accounts Chester

Over the past several months, the Staunton Rook team have been working on an important project with one of our long-standing and valuable clients, Redrow Homes. If you were wondering why we haven’t updated our news page lately, we do apologise – we’ve been VERY busy bees! We were approached by our client earlier this summer to project manage and produce the printed version of Redrow’s 2018 Annual Report – a task our team already have vast knowledge of having been involved with the production of their Annual Report and Accounts in the past.

A series of in-depth meetings were arranged between ourselves and Redrow to fully understand their requirements for every aspect of the report. Each design and production element was then communicated to our in-house studio team, who promptly got to work setting the skeleton of the report ready for the content and imagery. During this process, we ensured that all confidential and sensitive data was handled with the highest professionalism and protection.

Once the skeleton of the report began to take shape, we provided unlimited proofs to the client in order to keep them up-to-date with the progression and allow the client the opportunity to provide vital feedback, comments and/or amends along the way.

Annual Report Cover Design

Throughout the design and proofing process, it was essential that all deadlines were met by our team to keep the project running smoothly. At Staunton Rook, we are proud to be known for our fast turnaround timescales and high-quality work, so keeping to Redrow’s tight schedule was one of the easier aspects of the job.

As the final deadline approached, we press passed the Annual Report alongside our printing partner to ensure every detail was on point.

Annual Report Report Design

During the whole process we worked in tandem with Redrow’s in-house digital team who created an interactive online version of the Annual Report. Close communication was essential here to ensure that both platforms were updated at the same pace and were completed successfully, on time. 

We have enjoyed working on such a rewarding project with Redrow Homes and we look forward to continue to supply them with marketing support. Thank you to everyone at Staunton Rook for your hard work and to Redrow for being such a wonderful client. 

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