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Minera Roof Trusses are a long-established family business having been founded in the village of Minera in 1977. Whilst relatively successful the directors were keen to grow the business further and had ambitious targets for future turnover. They knew that to achieve this they needed to review the way that they approached their marketing activity. A word of mouth recommendation (thank you John Collister at Collister & Glover) put Staunton Rook on their radar and they approached us for an initial meeting to discuss their options. They were unsure whether they should be outsourcing their marketing or establishing an in-house department. .

Minera were a large company and for us to provide them with sound advice it was necessary for us to conduct research into the business to establish the best route forwards for them. We suggested that they contract us initially to provide them with a full marketing plan – this would allow for a full analysis of the business and the market in which they were operating and include areas such as competitor analysis, customer analysis and profiling, setting of objectives and targets and a suggestion of marketing tools that would be required to realise these objectives. This proved an attractive option to Minera and allowed them to sample working with us before committing to a long-term retainer. Upon completion of the marketing plan and an analysis of the costs involved in working with us as an outsourced marketing department versus employing a marketing team it quickly became apparent that we were a sound business choice.

Our outsourced marketing solution provided Minera Roof Trusses with a marketing team that is highly skilled and experienced at an affordable cost as we can offer large discounts in exchange for a long term committed contract. We agreed an initial relationship and programme of activity that would span 36 months allowing us to clearly map and plan strategic programmes of activity that would drive enquiries and assist Minera in reaching their ambitious growth objectives. An initial 12-month schedule of activity was put in place that would be accompanied by monthly marketing meetings to ensure that constant checks and reviews were in place.

Our priority upon beginning work with Minera was a rebranding exercise. Whilst creating the marketing plan and completing and analysis of the business it quickly became apparent that their branding was extremely outdated and to maximise their competitive advantage within the marketplace they required a logo that reflected their core principles of quality and service. Once the new branding had been established, we redesigned their marketing collateral such as stationery and leaflets. We updated Minera’s literature to ensure the company has a strong, consistent tone across all marketing channels, from their company introduction leaflets to their presentation wallets with technical specification sheets and guides.

Whilst the above was taking place we were simultaneously working on the redesign of the website. Minera previously had an old, dated website with an extremely high bounce rate. We designed and created a responsive website, built with the latest programming technology to attract and engage customers. This will increase website traffic and reduce the website’s bounce rate as the website will become more engaging. Whilst developing a fully functional website, we incorporated SEO from the outset to ensure that the website not only looks fantastic but is also optimised accordingly to increase the website’s visibility on Google.

In order to develop further business for Minera, we included lead generation campaigns into their marketing plan. This included HTML email campaigns to each marketing segment, including follow up and second follow up emails, press releases to trade magazines, remarketing to all website visitors, and social media promotions. As well as paid promotions, we also manage Minera’s social media by creating a social media content calendar and scheduling posts so that they have a consistent presence.

Minera celebrated their 40th year in business in August 2017, so we decided to run a competition to create some excitement on their social media platforms whilst raising brand awareness and increase their reach across the platforms. The incentive was to give away two iPads, one to the entrant and one to their friend. By asking users to ‘Like’ their Facebook page, ‘Share’ the competition post and tag a friend in the comments with who they would like to win an iPad with to raise brand awareness and increase Minera’s following.

In addition to the planned calendar of marketing activity we have in place we are very much on hand on a daily basis for any additional requirements that arise for example new initiatives that we have recently incorporated include developing a range of marketing materials such as presentation wallets targeting specifically at Architects, a company video, restyling and providing graphics for their offices and organising branded decorations for their 40th birthday event.

By creating a strategic marketing plan and consistently implementing the integrated marketing communications strategy throughout the past two years, Minera Roof Trusses are now positioned as one of the leading suppliers of roof trusses and floor joists in the industry. They have seen a dramatic increase in turnover and are currently just shy of 6% off their target for this year with still 3 months left to go. We have created a variety of campaigns that have helped generate a significant amount of enquires, such as targeted HTML email campaigns that focus on customers who Minera have previously quoted, encouraging them to buy by offering them discount. This targeted campaign alone generated a substantial amount of profit when comparing year on year to a previous generic campaign.

More specifically the social media iPad competition proved very successful as it reached 53,500 people through organic and paid promotion. Not only did their page ‘Likes’ triple within 6 days, they increased overall increased by 289% from 291 to 1,132. Through managing their PPC campaigns, Staunton Rook have redesigned their adverts to be in line with the new branding and revised the adverts to ensure that the messages are as strong and as bold as their brand. So far, the results speak for themselves, as the previous average click through rate for the campaigns was 1.44% and only 2 months in to the new campaigns we have increased this to 2.88%, which is above the average click through rate (2%).

Through combining a range of SEO techniques, Minera now appear in the top results on Google for related search terms and their bounce rate has decreased over the past two years from 60% to 50%, which is now within the average bounce rate range.

Minera Roof Trusses operate nationwide and have noticed a wider span of clients across the UK and a significant increase in profits since retaining our services. By building a new responsive website this has allowed customers to view their website sufficiently on all platforms whether it be a smartphone, tablet or PC. By integrating a SEO strategy into their new website this has also helped optimise the website so that it is highly visible on Google. With a more technically sound web design, along with creating fresh, interesting content with vital keywords, this has resulted in an engaging website that will ultimately drive website leads. This has been highlighted by the significant decrease in bounce rate and an increase in profits for Minera. Minera’s ongoing success has also resulted in featuring on the new series of Grand Designs and they are now proud to appear on the Grand Designs suppliers list.

We are thrilled to be continuously working alongside Minera Roof Trusses through a sustained and lasting, long-term business relationship. When utilising our marketing and design expertise as an outsourced marketing department, we ensure we drive growth for the business and always aim to create new and effective ideas and initiatives. We hold monthly and quarterly meetings to ensure their marketing communications are being endlessly driven forwards to maintain their highly respectable reputation and drive leads to their business so they can maintain their very busy schedule!

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